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Fire Logs + Garden Mulch

A fireplace is the focal point of any living space; creating a sense of home and warmth. Noel Ryan Tree Surgeon responsibly dispose of all our green waste through our wood chipping and recycling service to bring you logs for use in the home; keeping you warm and content throughout all the seasons and garden mulch for flower bedding and landscaping.

Purchasing small amounts of firewood can become very costly quite quickly, so why not stock up for the season with our firewood sales service? Lighting a fire is a great way to save on energy bills, offering a greater heat output and slower burn which results in a more cost-effective heat source while also looking great. We specialise in selling the finest firewood ideal for wood burners and fireplaces. We offer competitive pricing to cater to all budget requirements.

Noel Ryan Tree Surgeon stocks and supplies a surplus of Garden Mulch which can be used for flower bedding and landscaping projects.


 Let our expert staff advise you on your firewood requirements to keep you warm and relaxed this coming season.

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